Sponsorship Opportunities

We're proud to partner with BAWLS Guarana, a leader in high-performance beverages!

Their energizing and flavorful guarana-based drinks are the perfect fuel for gamers of all levels. BAWLS Guarana keeps competitors sharp and focused during USEA tournaments and partner events, ensuring peak performance throughout every match. Look for BAWLS Guarana on-site at USEA events and quench your thirst for victory!


Gamenetics is your one-stop shop for premium gaming controllers and accessories.  Elevate your gameplay with their selection of high-performance controllers, featuring customizable features and enhanced functionality.

Whether you're a competitive esports athlete or a casual gamer, Gamenetics offers the perfect gear to take your skills to the next level.  Explore their wide range of products and find the edge you need to dominate the competition. 

Community Gaming

Take your esports events to the next level with Community Gaming! Their innovative platform simplifies tournament organization for events of all sizes. Leverage their tools to streamline registration, scheduling, and bracket management. Plus, Community Gaming offers exciting bonus cash prizing, fueling fierce competition and unforgettable experiences for your players. Partner with Community Gaming and elevate your esports tournaments!