Curriculum and Workforce Training - Esports and Virtual Reality
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Join Us and Bridge the Digital Divide using Esports and Virtual Reality!

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What we do

We use esports and virtual reality as a platform to support underserved individuals and communities. We do this by providing internship and job shadowing opportunities at outstanding live and digital events with world class partners and by providing standards based curriculum in accordance with high performance esports protocols.

Why we do it

Experts generally estimate that 14 to 16 million public school students in underserved communities will not have access to careers requiring technology due to lack of equipment and/or lack of academic/workforce training. This digital divide also exists at the collegiate level. Our goal is to focus on education and training to help communities transform by nurturing local talent and creativity.

About Us

We are a community of creatives and analytics who are focused on the future now. We have award winning experience teaching and coaching students and young adults. We have developed award winning and innovative strategies in support of our clients and their communities. We are prolific fundraisers who seek to leverage our time, talent, and treasure on your behalf.

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